Operations of the 3rd Battalion, 117th Infantry, 30th Division, in the British Offensive toward Mauberge, Oct. 5-8-, 1918

This monograph is intended to be a simple narrative of a portion of the battle life of a small unit and it is not the thought of the writer to discuss in any way any of the major phases in tactics or strategy of the large units in connection with such action.

The 3d Battalion 117th Infantry, 30th Division was, as the numerical regimental designation indicates, a National Guard unit and as such the writer had served therein since the year 1906. The officers, N.C.O’s and about 50 per cent of its men were for the most part from East Tennessee, its pre-war station and home. Its ranks had been completely filled from the first draft from the state of Iowa. These men proved most excellent soldiers and many of them were of course N.C.O’s before the arrival of the Battalion in France in May, 1918. (more)

CPT Nathaniel E. Callen

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