Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 1st Phase, 26 September – 3 October, 1918, General Operations (Attack of Defensive Zone)

The Meuse-Argonne Offensive opened on the morning of September 26th with force and enthusiasm characteristic of the American troops. The various troops were finally assembled in the new sector and distributed in their position. In spite of the shortage of transportation during the move all units had arrived intact except for some artillery. The secrecy of the movement of such a great number of troops was accomplished by the cleverly arranged raids and confusion created by the units on both flanks of the American sector. However, the Germans had learned that some American troops were in the sector. A man from the 79th Division was captured on the afternoon before the start of the attack. But the Germans did not learn of the other two divisions in that Corps sector, although, no doubt, they surmised something was amiss for the sector up to this time had been occupied by only French troops. On the evening before the attack could be seen the French blue uniforms scattered indiscriminately among the khaki. (more)

1LT A. Ward Gillette

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