Men’s Fashion Post-WII: From Frills to Informality

Men’s Fashion Post WWI: From Frills to Informality

Though WWI had a significant impact on women’s fashion and most men donned a military uniform during this period, the effect of the war can still be seen in men’s fashion.  In post-WWI society, gone were the days of the ostentatious and opulent dress of the Edwardian era.  During the Edwardian era top hats and frock coats were the norm along with “collars of white starched linen [that] were extremely high and sometimes went right around the throat.”[1]



In its place came, shorter and looser jackets and pants. Frock coats were only worn in formal settings and “the lounge suit now become ordinary town wear…”[3] post-WWI.  In fact, top hats and frock coats were seen as being stuffy and out of date.[4] Post-Edwardian men’s fashion consisted of “jackets, baggy, dark trousers, shirts without collars and waistcoats. On their heads, they wore flat caps with peaks.”[5] Notice how much lower the collar and shorter the jacket is on the image below compared to the stiff and starchy clothing of previous years.  The need to move more freely was necessitated by the war and fashion, for both men and women, was changed forever post-WWI.


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