The Women Behind the Suffragist Movement

Looking back a century ago the treatment of the females during the suffragist movement was inconceivable.  There were numerous atrocities the suffragists succumbed for years to be given the freedom to vote.  Countless picketers were jailed and force fed; their signs and banners were confiscated and destroyed; and they were often beaten and mistreated by policemen.

Women of all ages, educational backgrounds, and social ranking took part in the suffragist movement.  Elisabeth Cady Stanton was the NAWSA, National American Woman Suffrage Association’s, first president. Her predecessors include Carrie Chapman Catt, who served as NAWSA president twice and Susan B. Anthony.  Alice Paul and Lucy Burns were pioneers in the National Women’s Party which was a result of their efforts in establishing the Congressional Union.  Despite the many arduous hurdles women have overcome, there is still much work to be done in procuring equal rights for women in today’s society.

suffragist 6

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